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Platina Wellness is a Pharma and Healthcare products company. We are an International managed company which is focusing on the developing world. We Works with the highest levels of govt. and local distributors, Our aim is not only to expand our business scale and scope but also to have a keen interest in serving the needs of our consumer that requires our products the most. We have our presence globally with an expanding product range to meet the demands of our main markets.

Our Scope

Platinawellness is a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare products company. With over 400 branded pharmaceutical and veterinary products and 5 medical device divisions with over 200 products sold worldwide, in addition to numerous generics produced under our customers’ brands, Platinawellness supplies distributors, hospitals and governments with the products they need for their markets. Our wide product range, including pharmaceuticals, veterinary products, supplements, and a complete range of medical devices and supplies allows us to scale our resources resulting in added value for our customers and ultimately the end user. Platinawellness focuses on the best value for our customers while upholding the highest quality standars.

Supply chain

Patients depend on an uninterrupted flow of high quality medicines and products. This makes maintaining high standards in our supply chain vital to meeting patients’ needs.

AdvaCare is unique in that we have built an extensive infrastructure that facilitates complete control over the supply chain. Raw material suppliers, third-party consultants or agents and any other parties in our supply chain are thoroughly vetted by scoring above a minimum health, safety and environment standard. We constantly monitor supply chain performance with real time analytics to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency.

We work endlessly to ensure each and every product produced meets specific standards and we actively endeavor to stop the counterfeiting of our products.

Corporate Responsibility

Being a responsible pharmaceutical company in today’s globalizing world means operating in a way that reflects our values and connecting our business decisions to society’s healthcare needs. Our business makes a valuable contribution to society. We know that the development, manufacture and sale of our medicines and consumer products affect human lives. Therefore, we aim to be open and transparent about how we operate.

Platinawellness is committed to the corporate responsibility that comes with being in our industry, and we have taken a special interest in addressing the health needs of the developing world. It is our goal to help those that need it most. This is why we are fully committed to the African, Middle East, North and South American, and Central and South Asian regions along with other areas that are epidemic prone and lacking in common, inexpensive medical treatments.

Contribution to Global Health

Our medicines and consumer healthcare products can make a real difference to patients’ lives. We research and widely distribute new treatments that address the needs of patients and healthcare professionals around the world. This is at the heart of what responsibility means for platinawellness and is central to our commercial success.

We make a contribution by:

  • Investing in the research and distribution of new medicines and healthcare products;

  • Treating ill health from debilitating diseases such as HIV, cancer, and numerous infectious diseases;

  • Preventing disease through our vaccines and our consumer healthcare products.



Platina Wellness was founded on the premise of offering the highest quality products to our distributors, healthcare professionals, and our consumers. We provide the best value for our clients while upholding the very highest in business ethics and corporate responsibility. Platina Wellness focuses on  the superior customer service, and it is our policy to conduct business in a transparent manner.


The aim of our country is to create  lasting relationships with our distributors and consumers based on trust and reliability. It is Platina Wellness’s goal to get our products in the hands of those who need it most and contribute to the global effort to improve health standards globally.


Manufacturing Facilities:

At Platina Wellness, our manufacturing facilities follow strict GMP rules. We have integrated all of the GMP guidelines into internal procedures improving the degree to which results are consistently exceeding the expectations.

As an International managed company, we take our ethical obligation to improve access to high quality and affordable WHO essential drugs.

This is the moral of our company on which it was founded on. Platina Wellness production facilities are supported by the WHO, GMP approved, internationally certified (ISO,CE,etc.) and frequently conduct the internal and third party inspections to guarantee that our  all  products meets all the standards required by our distributors.

Platina Wellness is internationally certified

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